Global Buddhist Congregation 2011 0

Global Buddhist Congregation 2011:28 delegates from 11 countries unanimously agreed to form International Buddhist Confederation (IBC), a common platform for BuddhistŒž›Š›Ž Read More


EXECUTIVE MEMBERS (2013-2016)    S.No Name Country 1 Ven. Dr.Jinwol Y. H. Lee Korea 2 Ven. Beop-Gwang Korea 3 Lama ChosphelZotpa India(Himalaya) 4 Ven. BhantheBuddharakkhita Uganda (Africa) 5 Dr.PornchaiPinyapong Thailand

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Permanent Steering Committee of IBC 1

Permanent Steering Committee of IBC Electrol Committee Chairman: s Dr. Ananda Guruge Chairman of the World Buddhist University Council, Sri Lanka/ USA Vice Chairman: s Lalit Mansingh Vice President, Mahabodhi

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