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Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

IBC represents the rich diversity of Buddhism and provides a platform for the global Buddhist community to share its wisdom and meaningfully participate in the ongoing global social and political discourse, while at the same time preserving and promoting its shared heritage.

It is in keeping with these aspirations and ideals that the IBC has included in its constitution the following Aims and Objectives:

  • Providing a united and common platform for all Buddhist traditions and organizations in the spirit of diversity and plurality to serve humanity and the path of Dhamma

  • Lending a united voice to all Buddhist organizations towards addressing, engaging and evolving a Buddhist response to issues of Buddhist and global concern

  • Working with national, state, local governments, global and multilateral bodies and organizations on issues of shared concern

  • Acting united against all forms of violence and propagating compassion and the concept of interdependent nature to foster true peace in the world

  • Working towards putting the Buddhist principle of welfare of all sentient beings in practice for preservation of the environment and nature conversation

  • Fostering interfaith understanding through dialogue exchange and collaboration

  • Fostering equality of humankind across the world and also working to foster greater social and gender equality in accordance with Buddha" s teaching within the Buddhist world

  • Deepening understanding among different among different Buddhist traditions by fostering the familial characters of Dhamma while preserving its multifaceted ways, diversified concept and traditions

  • Ensuring that the path and practice of Dhamma retains social relevance in a changing society while honouring its traditions and practices

  • Exploration identification conservation and preservation of Buddhist holy sites, relics, heritage, practices, traditions and Buddhist cultural assets worldwide

  • Facilitating constant dialogue between Buddhism and modern science

  • Working towards the inclusion of Buddhist values and principles in the global social and political discourse

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