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Paritaran & Kathina Cheevar Dana Samaroh

Youth Buddhist Society (YBS) supported by the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) organized two days Paritaran&KathinaCheevar Dana Samaroh on 3 and 4 October 2020 at YBS center, Abhidamma Hall, Rajghat, Sankisa, UP.

KathinaCheevar Dana is one of the oldest preserved Buddhist Tradition carried on from the days of the Lord Buddha to the present time. It occurs at the end of the VarshaVassa or monsoon period usually in October or November. VarshaVassa is an annual three-month monastic retreat practiced especially in the Theravada Buddhist tradition and the KathinaCheevar Dana ceremony marks the completion of Varsha Vasa.

The event was organized in Sankisa an ancient city in north India. The city came into prominence afterLord Buddha said to have descended here after giving a sermon to his mother in heaven. According to a Buddhist source, it was thirty leagues from Savatthi. After the Lord Buddha's Mahaparinirvana (passing away) king Ashoka developed this place and installed one of his famous Pillars in the city. He also built a stupa and a temple commemorating the visit of the Lord Buddha. This temple exists even today and the ruins of the stupa are also present as a temple of Vishari Devi.

Theevent at Sankisa was attendant by 90 Monks and around 300 lay peoples. The Chief Guest of the celebration was Dr. SanghmitraMaurya, Member of Parliament, Badaun, UP who emphasized on the importance of Lord Buddha’s teaching.

During these two days,various activities like meditation, overnight chanting, puja, Dhamma talks, Bhojandana, Cheevardana and Anumodana by monks were performed.

Background Mr. Suresh Chandra Bauddha, President, YBS India and Honorable Chief Guest Dr. SanghmitraMaurya, LokSabha MP, Badaun, UP offering Cheevar / Amish to Ven. Dr. UpanandThero, General Secretary, YBS India.

List of participants

Senior Monks:-

1. Ven. Dr. UpanandThero, General Secretary, YBS India
2. Ven. DevendraThero, Abbot, Bodhisattva Vihar, Srawasti, UP
3. Ven. SumanRatanThero, Abbot, Buddha Risaldal Park, Lucknow, UP
4. PragyasarThero, Abbot, Risaldar Park Buddha Viha, Lucknow
5. Chetsak Bodhi, Abbot, SamtaVihar, Sankisa
6. Ven. NagsenThero, abbot, Buddha Vihar, Farukkhabad, UP
7. Ven. GudanandaMahathero, Abbot, Bhartiya Buddha Vihar, Sankisa, UP

Lay Guest:-

  Chief Guest: - Dr. SanghmitraMaurya, Member of Parliament, Badaun, UP
  Guest of Honour: - Mr. Mahesh Prashad Gupta, PCS, UP
  Mr. BrajeshShakya, Chief Finance & Account Officer,Panchayat Raj Directorate, Lucknow
  Er. Rajesh Kumar Kardam, ARTO (Administration), Mainpuri
  Mrs. SaritaShakya, Member of SramKalyanVibhag, UP Govt, Lucknow
  MrSourabhBauddha, International Buddhist Confederation (IBC)

Background Offering of Cheevar Dana

Background Lay devotees

Youth Buddhist Society of India (YBS) in association with the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) is celebrating Kathina Cheevar Dana on 3 - 4 October 2020 at YBS centre Rajghat, Abhidhamma Hall, Sankisa, Mainpuri.

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