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Request for Proposal

Deadline of Submission: 7th November 2020, 18:00 PM IST

Inviting agencies to submit proposals for Development of Web Platform/Mobile Application (Software Development)

About IBC

IBC (International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) represents the rich diversity of Buddhism and provides a platform for the global Buddhist community to share its wisdom and meaningfully participate in the ongoing global social and political discourse, while at the same time preserving and promoting its shared heritage.

Details of Web Platform/Mobile Application


Functionalities and Modules

Website Admin Module: The scope of this responsive Web Application is to provide an option under secure authentication to manage the pages of the website/app. Admin of the web application can create multiple pages, which will display on the website and selective potions on the mobile app.

Informative Web-Portal

  Layout Selection for content
  Image & Document Upload
  Sub Pages with different lay outs
  Content Management for handling Text, video etc
  Create Articles & Publish
  Post Video links with short & detailed description
  Document Viewer
  Video Player embedded in webpage
  Comment on Published Video, Document & Articles
  Review & Feedback

Login & Authentication

  Manage logins on portal like Super Admin / Admin
  Create Roles to team members
  Assign Roles to team members
  Manage Access Rights
  Login & Registration (End Users)
  Manage My Profile
  Manage My Details with Subscription details

User Registration

  Single user registration Module
  Module to upload bulk users
  Activate / Deactivate Users capability

Notification & Broadcasting Module

  Notification for every action on Admin/ End user
  Email Template Creation Module
  Email notification to specific or Group of Users
  Manage Multiple Users groups.

Event Registration & Management

  Mange Event Categories
  Create & Publish the Events
  Forms for the Registration
  Manage Attendance/Participation
  Review & Feedback
  Landing Page
  Automated Emails

Chat Rooms

  Personal Chat
  Group Chat
  Add/Delete users to Group
  Notification Setting for Groups & for users
  File & Image sharing

Election Voting Management System

  Create & Manage Positions
  Candidates Nominations
  Approval workflow for the candidates
  Email to end users with Positions & Candidates
  Conduct the Election
  Display Real Time Updated Vote Count as a Leaderboard
  Generate Report
  Automated Result Compilation & Globally Accessible Report

Plan & Subscription Management

  Create multiple Plans with different plan prices
  Register Users for any specific Plan
  Manage Subscription (Expiry date)
  Renew Subscription with function of plan change
  Notification based on Expiry Date

Mobile App on Web View

  Android & IOS Devices for End users
Payment Gateway Integration with One Entity and currency (Indian)

Call for Proposal

IBC invites proposals from established, reputed and experienced agencies to develop Web Platform/Mobile Application, the details of which had been outlined above.

Interested firms may visit IBC official website to understand Aim and Vision of IBC. The proposal should be submitted with Technical and Financial Proposal along with Pitch deck and sent to:

Deadline of Submission

7thNovember 2020, 18:00 PM IST
The subject of email shall be the RFP Proposals for development of Web Platform/Mobile Application by the “Bidder’s Name”.

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