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Inviting applications for membership of the organization

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Greetings from the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC)!

The IBC is pleased to invite applications for membership of the organization. The membership is open from June 01 to July 21, 2024.

2. The Membership of the IBC is open to Buddhist Organizations - whether International, National or Regional in nature, monasteries, Viharas, Nunneries, temples, Sangha Bodies (of Monks, Nuns, Upasaka, Upasikas), institutions, and entities. IBC DOES NOT CATER TO INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP.

3. All new members shall be granted an Associate Membership for the first three (3) years and thereafter shall be eligible to apply for Permanent Institutional Membership of the Confederation, provided the member is able to provide a meaningful contribution towards fostering the aims and objectives of the IBC. Grant of Permanent membership shall be subject to the acceptance of application, approval or rejection by the Membership & Screening Committee and further approval of admittance by the Executive Committee of IBC.

4. If a particular application for membership is not approved by the Executive Committee of the Society, reasons for the refusal shall be communicated to the concerned Organization / applicant.There shall be a membership fee and an annual subscription fee payable by members.

5. The membership fee and annual subscription fee structure is given below:

S.No Type of Fees Associate Membership Permanent Membership (LIFELONG) Remarks
1. Membership Fee(For all organizations) - USD 500 One time Fee
2. Annual Subscription Fee (For all organizations) USD 50 USD 100 Annual Fee
3. Membership Fee (For SAARC & BIMSTEC country organizations) - USD 250 (or equivalent to INR) One time Fee
4. Annual Subscription Fee (For SAARC & BIMSTEC country organizations) USD 25 (or equivalent to INR) USD 50 (or equivalent to INR) Annual Fee

6. For applying for IBC membership, all applicants have to fill the IBC membership form and submit to

7. Please find the Google Form link for IBC Membership given below.

Google link:

Kind regards,

Ven. Khemachara Bhikkhu,
Chairman of the Membership Committee