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Bhutan Delegation Visits IBC Office.

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A distinguished delegation led by His EminenceKhenchenSangayKhanduTshogiLopen Rinpoche, representing the Central Monastic Body of Bhutan and accompanied by esteemed senior monks, visited the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC). The delegation was warmly received by the Secretary General of IBC, Venerable Dr. Dhammapiya, and the Deputy Secretary General, Ven. JangchupChoeden.

In his opening remarks, Secretary General IBC underscored the significance of Bhutan as a Buddhist country, highlighting the pivotal role played by the Central Monastic Body in the nation's development through the propagation of Buddha Dhamma teachings. He expressed profound pride and gratitude for the engagement between IBC and the Bhutanese Sangha via the Central Monastic Body, emphasizing the organization's privilege in this partnership. Secretary General IBC extended his heartfelt wishes for a peaceful and meaningful stay in India to the visiting delegation.

His EminenceLopenSangay, in his address, conveyed his deep appreciation to IBC for their tireless efforts in organizing, coordinating, and facilitating the delegation's journey to sacred places in Ladakh. He lauded IBC for successfully orchestrating a spiritually enriching experience for the delegation. As a token of appreciation, His Eminence Lopen Sangay presented a Thangka to Secretary General IBC.

Moreover, His Eminence illuminated the spiritual bond between Bhutan and India. Beyond the realm of diplomatic relations, he emphasized the profound spiritual connection shared by the two nations. He described Bhutan as a land steeped in spirituality, with India being the wellspring of this spiritual wisdom, often referred to as the Arya land. He acknowledged that spiritual teachings had reached Bhutan in the 7th century from two distinct sources - India and Tibet. His Eminence LopenSangay commended IBC for its instrumental role in disseminating the teachings of Lord Buddha globally and uniting the Buddhist Sangha under one harmonious umbrella. He earnestly urged IBC to persist in their commendable work, a request made on behalf of the Central Monastic Body.

In a closing gesture of appreciation, the Deputy Secretary General of IBC presented a memorable token to the delegation, expressing heartfelt gratitude for their visit to IBC. This visit not only strengthened the existing ties between Bhutan and IBC but also exemplified the enduring bonds that connect countries through the shared essence of Buddhism.

Separately, DG IBC meet with Most Ven. Khenpo Ugen Namgyal, Secretary/Chief Monk of Royal Bhutan Temple, Central Monastic Body of Bhutan and discussed a range of issues aimed at further enhancing cooperation between Buddhist monks from both the nations.

Media Gallery GBS-2023
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