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Prayer Meet of Late Lama Lobzang at National Museum, New Delhi

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Organized by the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC), a significant gathering of Buddhist devotees and lay persons convened at the National Museum in New Delhi for the prayer meet in honor of Late Lama Lobzang, who was the Executive President of the International Buddhist Confederation. The event was a heartfelt tribute to commemorate and celebrate the noble lifetime deeds of Ven. Lama Lobzang.

Media Gallery GBS-2023 Media Gallery GBS-2023

The Secretary General of IBC, Rinpoche Jangchup Choeden, initiated the prayers, accompanied by Deputy Secretary General Lama Zopta. They fondly remembered Lama Lobzang's life and association with Buddhism and highlighted his remarkable achievements. Lama Lobzang's contributions were multifaceted, as he not only facilitated broad societal engagement in global Buddhist discourse but also prioritized essential services such as hospitalization, critical care, and basic amenities for marginalized Buddhist communities, particularly from Ladakh.

Lama Lobzang's legacy extends far beyond geographical boundaries, playing a pivotal role in uplifting Buddhist communities worldwide. His dedication to humanitarian causes and the welfare of Buddhist practitioners resonates profoundly, inspiring unity and collective action within the Buddhist community.

Late Lama Lobsang's contribution to critical strategic issues covering various aspects of national security also remains a major contribution. He was always a nationalist and carried strong sentiments which so influenced people of ladakh and other regions.

The prayer meet at the National Museum, attended by Buddhist representatives from diverse backgrounds, symbolized a poignant acknowledgment of Lama Lobzang's enduring impact and enduring spirit of compassion and service.

Media Gallery GBS-2023
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