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International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) extends welcome to delegates in India for Buddha Bhoomi Vandan Yatra.

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The International Buddhist Conference (IBC) was honoured to host distinguished delegates from 11 countrieson 31st October, 2023 at the IBC office. The delegates are in India for the Buddha BhoomiVandanYatrafrom 25th October to 03rd November, 2023 supported by Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).

The arrival of these esteemed delegates at IBC was marked by a warm reception led by the Deputy Secretary-General, IBC JangchupChoeden Rinpoche and the Director-General of IBC Mr. Abhijit Halder signifying the beginning of a truly momentous occasion.

Special invitees, Mr. Koji Sato, Director General, The Japan Foundation and Venerable Y. Seelawansa Thero, Bhikku-in-Charge, Mahabodhi Temple, New Delhi also graced the occasion.

Media Gallery GBS-2023

The proceedings commenced with the Deputy Secretary-General's opening remarks, in which he vividly shed light on the profound Buddhist legacy of India. His address was not merely ceremonial but resonated with a message of global relevance. He emphasized that in the face of contemporary conflicts disturbing our world, the teachings of the Lord Buddha remain a beacon of wisdom, offering us a tangible path forward. The Deputy Secretary-General's words underscored the enduring significance of Buddhist philosophy in fostering peace and understanding on a global scale.

Following this inspiring address, the Director-General of IBC, shared his own insights into the profound impact of Buddha's philosophy on humanity. He spoke about the timeless relevance of Buddha's teachings in a world marked by conflict and unrest, emphasizing that the principles of compassion, wisdom, and inner peace advocated by the Buddha are as relevant today as they were in ancient times.

On behalf of the entire IBC team, the Director-General provided a comprehensive overview of the numerous events organized by IBC in 2022 & 2023, highlighting their alignment with the core principles of Buddhism. These events serve as a testament to our commitment to promoting Buddhist heritage, fostering dialogue, and facilitating cultural exchange.

To provide a visual narrative of our mission, short films were screened, offering a glimpse into the remarkable life of the 19th KushokBakula Rinpoche, the master project of the India International Centre for Buddhist Cultural and Heritage (IICBCH) at Lumbini and the multifaceted work of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) undertaken over its 10 years old journey.

Dr. Anirban Das, the Director of the National Manuscripts Mission at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), graced the event with his profound knowledge and insights into the Indian Knowledge System. His lecture was both enlightening and thought-provoking, providing a deeper understanding of the rich cultural and intellectual heritage of India.

As a token of our appreciation and to commemorate this special occasion, the Deputy Secretary General and Director General of IBC felicitated our distinguished guests with mementos, symbolizing the enduring bonds and shared objectives of our organization and the visiting delegates.

The event concluded with IBC Director Mr. Vijayant Thapa delivering a heartfelt and sincere vote of thanks. His words served to summarize the significance of the visit, expressing our gratitude for the presence of the esteemed delegates and the shared commitment to furthering the cause of Buddhism and cultural understanding on a global scale.

Media Gallery GBS-2023
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