A project for an Academic institute of Buddhist Studies is underway, Says His Holiness


Dalai Lama (L) and Nitish Kumar (R) meet in Patna today (Voice of Tibet)

DHAMRAMSHALA, JAN 17: His Holiness the Dalai Lama disclosed a new project for an academic institute at his residence in Bodh Gaya on Thursday 16th January. The new project will constitute a learning and research center for not only Buddhist studies but also on topics such as psychology, logic, philosophy, etc. His Holiness said that the institution will have the potential to become a place for scholarship to study the Nalanda tradition of Buddhism in a constructive, academic manner.

The institute will be situated in Patna, Bihar with the potential to become the “2nd Nalanda institute” where Buddhism and academic research will go hand in hand. Dalai Lama stressed on the importance of such a space where Tibetan Buddhism can be studied as an “academic subject”.

The spiritual leader said that he is in dialogue with Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar about this new development and that the response has been “very considerate” from the State government. He implored that this new initiative will also be under the supervision of Sikyong, the President of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA). Sikyong Lobsang Sangay, he said, “has been very enthusiastic to be involved in such an endeavor.”

Dalai Lama told the audience that there are two types of faith in Tibetan Buddhism; one that reasons logically and comes to a conclusion with the same conviction stronger than before, and another which espouses faith on the basis of a being Buddhist follower.

The Buddhist dialectic discourse will guide the people through suffering and understand the causes and effects of such actions. Dalai Lama has passionately discussed the idea of Buddhism being studied as an academic subject. The exiled leader showed much promise in their pursuit of a new way of learning in a disciplined academic exchange. Such an initiative will attract people from all over the world including Tibetans who come to Bodh Gaya as a pilgrimage site for learning.

His Holiness has lately spoken about his commitment to reviving awareness of the value entailed in ancient Indian knowledge among the young Indians today. He is convinced that the rich knowledge of the workings of the mind and emotions along with techniques of meditation, developed by Indian traditions, are of much relevance today.

Since India has a long history of logic and reasoning, he is confident of a secular and academic perspective which can be combined with modern education. Dalai Lama considers India to be a place which has achieved the combination of ancient and modern ways of learning in a more ethically grounded space in this contemporary world.

Source: By Choekyi Lhamo



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Letiusto gnissimos Decusamus tiusto odiodig nis simos ducimus qui sint

Letiusto gnissimos Decusamus tiusto odiodig nis simos ducimus qui sint

Letiusto gnissimos Decusamus tiusto odiodig nis simos ducimus qui sint

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