Meditation sessions to be live streamed amid Coronavirus chaos


VajrapaniKadampa Buddhist Centre, in Birkby, (Image: VajrapaniKadampa Buddhist Centre)

A Birkby Buddhist Centre inwill live stream their meditation sessions after the centre's sudden closure.

Anyone feeling the pressure from self-isolating will soon be able to take part in a meditation class after VajrapaniKadampa Buddhist Centre, in Birkby, has announced it will be offering sessions via live-stream.

The announcement follows a decision by the Buddhist centreto shut its doors as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The centre has released a statement explaining: "Due to the risks of Covid-19 we have decided to take a cautious approach and close the centre with immediate effect until further notice.

"We are really sorry for the disruption and hope that you can join us at some of our online classes soon."

All classes from 30 March onward will be run using a live stream for everyone who purchases a ticket through the website.

For the upcoming week general programme classes, on Tuesday and Thursday, will have recordings available and the centre will issue a refund to anyone who has booked an upcoming course.

Meditating can help with managing stress

At a time when many people are feeling stressed and anxious some are finding mindfulness to be an effective way of remaining calm.

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the present moment by using techniques like meditation, breathing and yoga.

The Mental Health Foundation has supported mindfulness as a tool to help improve general wellbeing and treat anxiety.

According to the charity evidence shows that mindfulness can help with a number of problems, such as recurrent depression, anxiety disorders, addictive behaviour, chronic pain and other mental and physical problems.



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With deep respect and highest appreciation, I wish to congratulate Most Ven Buddhapriya Mahathero

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Letiusto gnissimos Decusamus tiusto odiodig nis simos ducimus qui sint

Letiusto gnissimos Decusamus tiusto odiodig nis simos ducimus qui sint

Letiusto gnissimos Decusamus tiusto odiodig nis simos ducimus qui sint

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